About The Runner’s Camp

About The Camp

The Runner’s Camp is a one-week Christian day-camp centered on the sport of track & field for kids ages 6-12 years old.  Campers are divided into groups by age and gender. Each morning campers gather with their group to hear a short Gospel–based lesson.  Following devotion time, campers rotate with their age group to receive instruction in 8 track & field events (e.g. shot, discus, javelin, high jump, long jump, sprinting, hurdling, distance running), play some fun games and activities and share a snack.  At the end of the week, campers compete against their own age and gender in our Runner’s Camp Champions Track Meet.  Parents are encouraged to come and watch their campers compete.  It makes for a great week of faith, fun, and fitness!

Camp Objectives


We want your kids to have fun interacting with other kids their age. We do our best to create a positive experience for your child. We hold time trials at the beginning of the week and a track meet at the end with awards for all who participate. Each group has an adult counselor for instruction and supervision.


Running, jumping and throwing – Great exercise!  We want to help your kids with physical and spiritual fitness. The activities we’ll do will require lots of running. Your kids will have a great time at the camp while getting physically fit. We’ll also start each morning with a spiritual lesson taught by our camp staffers.


Introduce your child to one of the oldest and purest sports of all: track & field. Each day, we’ll be teaching the campers one or more of 8 different track and field events. We’ve invited high school and college athletes to come and share their track experiences and give the kids tips on the different events.